About Us

When Dewey and Lynne Wilson agreed to meet with some friends in 2002, they were simply hoping to help them salvage their marriage of almost 20 years. They had no idea what God was about to do in their own life. The Wilson's witnessed God save their friend's marriage, but maybe just as important, their own marriage was enriched beyond imagination. All through a process called mentoring. Within months, more couples sought out Dewey and Lynne and before long, the demand on their time was so great, it was evident God was taking Dewey away from his career of building multimillion dollar homes to another home building career, only this time not using sticks and bricks.

Since that time in 2002, the marriages and families of literally thousands of people across America and Canada have been touched in a positive way through the marriage mentoring process created by the Wilson's and perfected over the years with the help of other volunteers. Today, Strong Marriages is much more than mentoring. Just in the last few years, Dewey and Lynne have created many new resources and unprecedented processes for helping couples prepare for marriage, along with helping married couples learn to make their good marriage better. All of this is for one purpose only, "To see God glorified by helping individuals experience God's design for marriage."

Co-founder, President and CEO

Until Spring 2003, Dewey worked diligently to become a well respected home builder in the Dallas Metroplex. It was then when he and his wife Lynne yielded to God's call on their life to enter full-time vocational ministry in an effort to help strengthen marriages and families in God's church. God began using the Wilson's immediately to establish a couple with couple discipleship process that would soon become what is known today as Marriage Mentors.

Along with the principles found in the Bible, as well as many of the principles he gleaned while constructing homes from the inside out, one might say the Wilson's are still in the home building business. Only now they are not using sticks and bricks. This time, they’re using the Word of God, the experiences of their marriage and the marriage experiences of others they train to build the type of homes God desires.

Dewey has taught the Bible to married adults for over 20 years. His passion is for men and women to know and experience God in such a way, it changes forever how they live out every relationship in their life, especially the relationship of marriage. Since 2003, Dewey and Lynne have dedicated their lives to helping couples enrich or restore their marriage using a unique mentoring process they developed. This process has produced an overall success rate of 91%. Couples who remain in a mentoring relationship for 6 months or longer also have a 96% chance of enrichment or restoration.

Dewey has either authored or co-authored all the Strong Marriages resources, including their latest new small group Bible series for couples called, "Doing Life Together,"® also with John Trent Ph.D. After returning to college after 30 years, Dewey graduated with a BS in religion from Liberty University in December 2011.  Dewey will graduate with a MA in Human Services-Marriage and Family Counseling before, Lord willing, moving on to hopefully someday acquire a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Counseling.


For 30 years, Lynne has faithfully served in her role as wife to her husband Dewey. As they were blessed with two daughters, Tiffani and Erin, Lynne also took on the role of mother and home-schooled both through high school graduation.

Before Strong Marriages, Lynne owned her own oil and gas drafting company, and ran both administration departments of Dewey’s former sub-contracting and contracting businesses. Continuing to use her administrative as well as people skills, Lynne oversees much of the details of the ministry and makes a point to value those who have joined with Strong Marriages in fighting for God’s design for marriage.

Lynne is also an avid student of the Bible, gifted in teaching and speaking to other women about God’s Word, and is respected and loved for her heart for discipleship.

Director of Operations

Nathaniel was born & raised in Denison, Texas, and his small town roots often shine through in his Texan accent.

After receiving a B.A. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University (Whoop!), he served as a Youth Minister for 1 year before heading off to seminary. In May of 2011 he received a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and shortly thereafter he joined Strong Marriages full-time.

Nathaniel and his wife Courtney have been married since 2008 and have three children. In his spare time, Nathaniel enjoys being an Apple evangelist and working on outdoor projects around the house.