What is Marriage Snapshot ?

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”  It is easy for every one of us to get into a rut of just doing things without any real aim in what we’re doing.  When it comes to intentionally strengthening marriages within the church, too often there is either no target or a moving target as we try many different approaches and programs designed to help prepare couples for marriage or help married couples stay together.  While the desire to strengthen marriages may be present, a lack of information regarding the specific struggles of the couples in your church often leads to approaches that fail to produce the intended results.  That’s exactly why we created the Marriage Snapshot survey.


This FREE tool will help you identify the specific needs and current state of marriages in your church.  All you need to do is register through the link below to receive the instructions for implementing the Marriage Snapshot survey.  You will be provided with a link that the married couples in your church can use to take a brief, anonymous survey regarding their marriages.  Once your couples have had the opportunity to complete the survey, you will receive a detailed, aggregate report of the results.   The report will also provide feedback on approaches you can take to address the areas your couples indicate they most need help with.  Whether you’re preparing for your next sermon series on marriage and family, looking to develop a comprehensive approach to marriage ministry, or just curious about the current state of marriages in your church, the Marriage Snapshot survey may be just the tool you were looking for.  

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